Legal information

Mandalia GmbH
Paul-Lincke-Ufer 7d
10999 Berlin, Germany


Managing Director: Tanja-Juana Wenzel
Registered at Amtsgericht Charlottenburg Berlin, Germany HRB 214852 B
VAT ID number: DE329307255

Photo Credits

Jane Mc Crae
Bree Downes
Marie Sjøvold

Property Rights

We reserve all rights. The content including pictures, videos and the design of the website are subject to copyright protection and other regulations for the protection of intellectual property.

All company designs and trademarks contained in the website and the names of the products shown and the services offered by us are - regardless of whether they are registered as trademarks or not - registered or unregistered property rights.

Rights of use
Reproduction and use of the protected goods, digital content and services outside the purpose of this website and the services, services and products offered by us is not permitted outside the scope of application of the legal regulations such as the right of quotation. Without express prior consent, e.g. by means of a user agreement with us, no further rights of use and exploitation of the contents of the website are granted in any way.

Personal rights
We pay attention to the protection of personal rights when creating videos and picture/text materials and obtain, where legally required, the consent to make them publicly accessible. We permit the (partial) reproduction and duplication on prior request with appropriate agreement and the consent of the persons depicted or represented and their personal relationships and life stories.


Free website content and reference to other medical consultation
The freely and freely accessible contents of the website contain only general information and no advice, support or coaching on an individualised basis. We make every effort to ensure that the information on facts is correct, complete and up-to-date. In texts, interviews and videos, affected persons, supporters and cooperation partners as well as the founders and coaches of the team describe their experiences and opinions. We are generally not liable for correctness and completeness outside of the services, products and services offered by us according to the separate terms of use there, except for grossly negligent or intentionally false information. The contents and information contained on the website are not suitable for self-diagnosis and do not form a sufficient basis for the selection and application of treatment methods. They cannot replace medical advice or treatment by a trained doctor or other members of the medical profession. If you have health problems, you should always consult a health professional. Do not begin, vary or terminate any treatment independently or based on the content provided on the site. We make every effort to ensure that the website itself and the free services and offers provided on it always function properly. Permanent and uninterrupted data communication via the Internet cannot be guaranteed. The use of the website and the services offered on it is therefore outside of the scope of the usage contracts concluded with us without legal claim or liability for defects.

Liability for links 
As far as we use links to external websites of third parties, we usually have no influence on the contents and are only responsible for these contents if we adopt them as our own or if we are obliged to filter external contents. At the time of setting the link, the information contained there seemed to us to be useful in the sense of our concerns. Since the contents of the linked pages change, it is possible that links are still set, although the originally linked contents are no longer offered there, that links no longer work or that the linked contents have changed in their purpose. The provider of the linked information and content is primarily responsible for this. If we become aware of any illegal content, e.g. through information provided by the injured party or an Internet user, we will check whether we share the assessment of the illegality and/or ask the third party to comment. In case of doubt, we block the contents until the legal situation is clarified or delete them if we ourselves come to the conclusion that we no longer wish to refer to the information and contents of the third party.

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